The first one

Okay, here’s a secret, I have started a lot of blogs, websites, etc. over the course of the last 5 years or so and slowly but surely I have lost interest, forgotten about, and ultimately deleted every single one of them. So honestly, I’m not totally sure if this one will stick either but I’m gonna try real hard for it to.

The ultimate goal is to just give myself a place to write. Since I was about 9 years old, the dream was to be a published author when I grew up. But then time goes by and life smacks ya right in your face at about the age of 16 (for some, sooner or later than that). And while the idea of living this cool writer lifestyle sounds great the actual path to getting there sounds hella broke and expensive so I knew I needed a job that I could count on to pay the bills (although in hindsight it still doesn’t pay them very well, but I digress). So I jumped into this journalism path in college but decided that I didn’t always love hearing what other people had to say (is that rude?) BUT, I really liked making other people believe what someone had to say was important, thus the change to public relations. I love writing and I love being creative so the combination of creating very tailored press releases with creative copy for social media while coming up with kick-ass marketing plans really just works for me. So, long story short, here I am, working in PR but still having the passion to get my own thoughts out there.

Another passion of mine? Fashion. I know, I know, a 20-something who is soooo ~*passionate*~ about fashion is cliche as hell but it’s the truth so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Until a recent Birchbox subscription I would not have said that beauty was my thing, because it wasn’t. Ya girl wore eye shadow and mascara and washed her face morning and night unless she came back from getting adult beverages and was too tired (yeah, let’s go with tired). But, I’m trying to actually embrace my 20-something year old self and indulge a little more in my beauty routine so you might see a little more of that on here, too. Aside from that I’m a pretty basic gal and not afraid to admit it. I love to travel but don’t have much of a budget to actually do so. I love food but don’t know how to cook so that is sometimes a downer. I have some pretty rad friends and a long-term and now a long-distance boyfriend who makes me giggle and #swoon a lot. I watch way too much television, try to avoid spending all my money at the Starbucks at the end of my street, and am just out here trying to figure out how to make it through the post-grad life because admittedly this last year hasn’t been a ton of rainbows and smiles. In fact, it’s kind of sucked. But maybe writing about it, if it can’t help make it better, will at least be something to look back on one day and laugh about?¿

Anyway, until then, I’ll just be out here kicking the daily grind but forever wishing I was living my best life in an inflatable donut (see below). Until next time…



Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 9.26.45 PM



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