CvfWbvhS_400x400After graduating from Ohio University (the greatest school on earth, an admittedly biased opinion) I spent the following year moving back home to Cincinnati, sending out more than my fair share of job applications and getting rejected by a majority of them, finally landing the best first public relations job a girl could ask for, packing up my talents and a lot of extra baggage to move south to Northern Kentucky, and yeah, starting this blog.

The first year wasn’t documented (Thank you @God) but the second year will be. Enjoy the musings of a 20-something’s mind on beauty, fashion, love (ugh), post-grad life, and a lot of other cool stuff (not limited to PR, the newest Hulu/Netflix binge I’m on, and seasonal drinks at Starbucks).

Where I’m headed next is unknown. But I’ll give ya a clue as to the goal… I’ve heard there are lots of big apples and yellow cars there. Stay tuned…