CvfWbvhS_400x400After graduating from Ohio University (the greatest school on earth, an admittedly biased opinion) I spent the following year moving back home to Cincinnati, sending out more than my fair share of job applications and getting rejected by a majority of them, finally landing the best first public relations job a girl could ask for, packing up my talents and a lot of extra baggage to move south to Northern Kentucky, and yeah, starting this blog.

The first year wasn’t documented (Thank you @God). The second year was a true testament to starting and not quitting another blogger project, and included subjects related to OU (because of course), Taylor Swift, and the word ‘audacious.’

The third year? Well it’s sure about to be a ride, because I finally made it to the world of Big Apples and yellow taxis. New York swept into my world in March of 2018 like the first nor’easter storm I had to endure here and I have no doubt this is only the beginning.

So, stay tuned…